I am of the passionate belief that marriage doesn't belong to any group of society, but to all members of our community. Marriage is an important ritual between two individuals and symbolises commitment, fidelity and a strength of bond. 

To choose one person for life is not a light decision. It is something we should encourage as a society, and no matter what your sexual preferences.

I look forward to the day when marriage equality exists in Australia, and to have the opportunity to marry all kinds of couples, no matter their gender. I have been very conscious of many dear friends who have not been afforded the same equal rights in this matter. 

And for many couples I work with who have close friends attending their weddings who are not able to be  married yet,    it can be awkward when I must legally state the Monitum within their ceremony (which is the current definition of marriage).

Australia has voted, and I look forward to meeting and supporting couples in marriage within the LGBTQI community.

Check out the Marriage Equality website to stay tuned on the legal changes...